We can help! Are you missing a crucial piece of your puzzle?
Our resourceful wellsite supervisors may be helpful solving your puzzle, whether you need drilling, cased-hole, mud, or safety consultants.

Parker Petroleum Pros specialize in safe, efficient drilling and cased hole operations, and since 1974 have punched holes from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border.  From 4 1/8" to 30" bits, safety, mud guys, OBM, casing exits, top-drives, TMS, Haynesville, Austin Chalk, Eagleford, Barnett, Wolfcamp, and Marcellus shale horizontal laterals, CBM, barge rigs, CT units, expandable liners, MPD, jack-ups, HTHP, hammers, directional...well, you get the idea!  Our experienced consultants are currently performing wellsite supervision searching for oil and gas in Texas, Louisiana, and Utah.  We welcome any opportunity to offer our consulting candidates for your scrutiny. Or, if you simply need a few minutes of help over the phone, we strive to please. 

We recognize the importance of your project.  We are committed in the areas of health, safety, environment, efficiency, and minimizing your costs.  Contact us if you are missing crucial pieces of your project puzzle.

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